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Buy - Sell - Trade Listing
This page is for bartering items of Civil War Skirmish interest.  Send your listings to Garyvank@aol.com for posting.


FS: Two-gun hard-shell cases.  Two available.  $25 each.  Contact Stephen Sherry ssherry3@wi.rr.com

FS: Wisconsin Indian War Buttons: These are surplus buttons, not reproductions. Buttons have the Wisconsin State Seal on the dome, but lack the flat rim the Wisconsin Civil War buttons have. Large, medium and small buttons available, $2 each + postage Contact garyvank@aol.com

WTB: Looking for the below items for my son who is planning on starting to skirmish in the spring: Waist Belt, US Buckle, Cartridge Box Strap, Infantry Cartridge Box, Cartridge Box Plate,Eagle Breast Plate, Cap Box, Bayonet & Scabbard for a 1858 Enfield Parker-Hale 2 band musket. If you have other items that he could use send me a list.  Contact Terry Skweres, bambamhd1469@yahoo.com

FS:  T
wo 9 button shell jackets (plain with no epelets) sizes 44 and 36 $40.00 each and one pair of kerseys not marked but about 34-36 waist $30.00 . All are in excellent condition. Contact Bill Weedman at rifle1817@sbcglobal.net.
Lorenz musket  $800, .58 cal., with a newly relined barrel.  Long-range sight and new Dunlap stock with check piece.  It originally was a tube lock but was later converted to percussion.  Itís all original except the stock and reline.   Call Tomís number at 414-573-3720. 

WTB:  Clean (farmingdale) Shiloh carbine. Either 54 cal or 50/70.  Contact Doug, dougl@rogers.com

FS: 1816 Springfield smoothbore Hoyt reline  ,stock and barrel stretched ,Glass bedded,1839 on the lock.$900 
     Reasonable offers  considered. 
Contact Bob Chabalowski, 1851maynard@gmail.com

WTB: .577 or .578 minie or wad cutter molds.  Contact Mike Baker at mbaker01@wowway.com or 313-920-5681